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Consulting Entity Summary

Firm Name : Original Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd.
Acronym : OEC
Main Office Address: Glass City Bldg, 30-13 Motoyoyogicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062 Japan
Country of Incorporation : Japan


Overall Description of us

@Original Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. (OEC) is one of the Japanese leading engineering consultancy firm established in 1962 and has developed its business in the various fields including water supply, sewerage works, sanitation and solid waste treatment, industrial wastewater, night soil treatment, refusal disposal, stream pollution and rain overflood control. Based on accumulated vast experience in services of prefeasibility studies, investigation, planning, detailed designs, diagnosis, construction supervision and relevant works, OEC has tried to achieve higher technological tasks. As the result of such efforts, the firm has secured a rigid footing in the fields of business and has gained client confidence. Furthermore, the firm has promoted computerization of engineering works since early days from its establishment, and it has developed its own computer software for water supervisory control, flood prevention, mapping, accurate and rapid calculation on engineering works. OEC has expanded its operation overseas as it undertook various projects in Asia, Pacific Islands, the Middle East and South America.

Corporate Profile

Stock listing: Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section Code Number 4642
President & Representative Director: Nobuhiko Suga
Established: Jan 23, 1962
6 division and 20 branches throughout Japan with 320 staff
Net sales 4,344 Million yen (equivalent of 54 million US dollars) for FY2011


Original Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd., has been established in January 1962. As a consulting firm specialized in the fields of water supply, sewerage works, sanitation and solid waste treatment, OEC has accumulated vast experience of consulting services such as investigation, planning, detailed design and construction supervision in these fields. OEC also has focused on using computerizing engineering system to improve the efficiency of designing and calculation works since early days of its establishment.
Because of the fact OEC has developed such variety of consulting service systems and software for municipality clients by itself and outsourcing, it made us much stronger in the professional civil engineering consulting fields such as sewer main planning and design, urban runoff control, flood prevention plan, combined sewer overflow control, asset geographical mapping system, structural calculation and so on. OECfs unique characteristic is that OEC can be neutral to any associations, contractors and manufacturers, because OEC has not only established by the founder, Osamu Suga without getting investment from those parties or firms, but its stock has been mainly held by the founder and its family company.
As far as overseas business is concerned, OEC launched its project to draw up a master plan of sewerage systems in Seoul City, the Republic Korea in 1977.Since then, OEC has undertaken many projects of water supply and sanitation, financed by World Bank, Asian Development Bank, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Overseas Economic Assistance Fund, Japan International Cooperation Agency and foreign local municipalities or local entities. OEC has been expanding more than twenty domestic offices in Japan and one overseas office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) projects that a global water infrastructure business market will soar from USD 360 billion in 2007 to USD 870 billion in 2025. In view of this promising market, Japanese government has been preparing several measures to help Japanese player's enter into the water infrastructure business abroad. One of the most important measures taken of late is public financial backing for PPP project making and forming in foreign countries. OEC is a member ofgPPP Council for Overseas Water Infrastructureh, organized by Japanese government. The Council is composed of more than 100 members including Japanese local municipalities and Japanese private companies that get interested in such business. With abundant experiences and achievements accumulated in both Japan and overseas, OEC joins some consortiums and support them by respectively conducting feasibility studies for formulating water infrastructure projects based on PPP.

Corporate philosophy

gWe contributes to improvement and preservation of urban and rural water environment by providing elaborated consulting servicesh

Our basic policy

hThe client always comes firsth

OEC's Head office

Glass City Bldg, 30-13 Motoyoyogi cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0062 Japan

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